Tax Strategy

Tax Strategy Year ended 30 June 2024

This document sets out the UK tax strategy for LA International Holdings Limited and LA International Computer Consultants Limited collectively known as the “LA International group”.

Managing UK Tax risks

The LA International group of companies are all registered in the UK and operate from one single site within the UK.  The LA International group continually aims to minimise tax risk and does not pursue aggressive tax planning arrangements.

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for managing LA Internationals group tax risk and ensuring full compliance with applicable statutory and legislative tax requirements.  The LA International group adopts a proactive approach to managing and minimising tax risk to ensure full ongoing compliance.

Due to the volume and frequency of the transactions, the LA International group is very aware of the need to operate with strong robust policies and procedures across the group to ensure compliance in all applicable areas.  Effective internal controls and internal audit ensure all transactions are completed as required to adhere to all applicable statutory and legislative tax requirements to minimise any potential risk.

In the event new statutory or legislative tax requirements are introduced or additional taxation advice is required on upcoming legislative changes, the LA International group shall utilise the services of its external tax advisors and legal counsel to ensure ongoing compliance, whilst actively engaging with HMRC in relation to any aspect that may require additional discussion or consultation.

Approach to dealing with HMRC

The LA International group has always worked with HMRC in an open and transparent manner, aiming to meet all filing and submission deadlines, providing all necessary assistance as required during any compliance visit and responding positively to any recommendations for change suggested by HMRC to further enhance internal policies and procedures.  The LA International group will always seek to engage with HMRC over significant issues to ensure full compliance is achieved.  

Attitude Towards Risk

The LA International group’s tax policies are regularly reviewed by the Board of Directors in conjunction with external taxation advisors to ensure continued risk mitigation and compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.  Changes shall be made to policies as required to ensure full ongoing compliance and to ensure the low risk profile is maintained, the Board of Directors are not influenced by external stakeholders in regard to its tax strategy.  

The LA International group takes a zero tolerance approach to tax evasion facilitation by individuals and third parties as set out in its tax evasion facilitation prevention policy, to ensure compliance with the Criminal Finances Act 2017.  The LA International group is committed to rejecting the facilitation of tax evasion and not recommending the services of others who do not meet the same standards.  The LA International group aims to ensure the tax evasion facilitation procedures are proportionate to the risks the LA International group faces.  The LA International group has performed an assessment of the risk of the LA International group being exposed to tax evasion facilitation, creating a tax evasion facilitation prevention policy in response to the results of the risk assessment.  Where necessary the LA International group will review the risk assessment and make appropriate changes to its policy which includes training, monitoring and review, whistle blowing, consequences of failure to comply, code of ethics, and procedures to follow.

This publication was approved by the Board of Directors and published on 28 June 2024 and is to comply with section 161 and paragraphs 16 and 17 within Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016.



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